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Gynae PCD Franchise product range

Sucralfate & Oxitacaine Susp.

PCD Pharma Franchise For Gynae Range

100ml/Susp #cat Syrup

Olizon-S Suspension, an advanced combination of two powerful medicines – Sucralfate and Oxetacaine. Designed to provide optimal relief for gastrointestinal ulcers, this unique formula is your ultimate solution.

Sucralfate works by forming a protective barrier or coat over the ulcer site, safeguarding it against the harmful effects of digestive enzymes, acid, and bile salts. By creating this barrier, it prevents further irritation and promotes healing in the stomach and duodenum linings.

Oxetacaine, acts as a fast-acting pain reliever that instantly alleviates the discomfort associated with ulcers. It provides quick relief from burning sensations or pain in the affected area.

Sucralfate & Oxetacaine Oral Suspension innovative formulation does not just treat the symptoms but also targets the root cause of ulcers. With its dual-action mechanism, it ensures comprehensive relief from ulcer-related issues.

How does Sucralfate & Oxetacaine Oral Suspension work?

Heartburn and acidity can be an incredibly distressing condition, causing a sour taste in the mouth and a burning sensation in the chest. Heartburn often accompanies acidity, creating discomfort and interfering with your ability to enjoy meals. But no worry— Sucralfate & Oxetacaine works by neutralizing excess acid production in your stomach, providing quick relief from these bothersome symptoms.


  • Acidity
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Duodenal ulcer

Safety Information:

To ensure the optimal effectiveness of Olizon-S Suspension, it is recommended to take it one hour before having a meal or as directed by your doctor. Before consumption, remember to shake the bottle well in order to mix the ingredients properly. Take the prescribed dose orally, using the measuring cup that is provided with the package.

It is crucial to refrain from drinking anything immediately after taking Sucralfate & Oxetacaine Oral Suspension, as this can potentially diminish its efficacy. Waiting for some time before consuming any liquids will give the medicine enough time to work effectively and provide the intended benefits.

By adhering to these guidelines and following your doctor’s advice regarding dosage and timing, you can maximize the potential benefits of Sucralfate & Oxetacaine. Incorporating this medication as a part of your treatment plan will contribute towards achieving optimal health outcomes.


Scazon Healthcare, a well-known leader in the pharmaceutical industry, takes great pride in its exceptional manufacturing of Olizon-S Suspension. Our sucralfate and oxycaine oral suspension is an outstanding product that is carefully crafted to ensure superior quality. Every step of the process is closely monitored to meet strict standards. Through our commitment to safety and excellence, we aim to make a positive difference in the lives of those who depend on us for their healthcare needs.

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